Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Cousin Merle Kessler

Image from the back of his K-Ark LP
Cousin Merle Kessler (at left)



Merle was from Riceville, Iowa, and recorded for K-Ark in Nashville.  He had one LP and 4 singles that I am aware of.
I don't own a copy of LP, but, I got the audio from somewhere a while back, so it's also in the download folder.

The K-Ark Cat # 1093 was used twice, probably inadvertently.

K-Ark 1093
Year:  1971
Label location:  Nashville, Tn
Pressed by:  ?

Sweet Lies

Shoe Shiner's Daughter

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pick Temple ‎– Folk Songs Of The People

This collection of songs was issued as a 10'' LP and as two volume 45rpm 7'' set.  All were in heavy cardboard sleeves.   This is the 10" format.



X - LXA-3022
Year: 1954
Label location:  New Jersey?
Pressed by:  RCA

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Les Backer

Les Backer recorded for Brunswick and Gennett.  He was part of the St. Paul, Minnesota Gennett sessions at the Lowry Hotel.  I will post more about that in future, when I have all the audio files to share.

This record is not one I own, unfortunately.  In my editing of his discography on Discogs, I did a lot of googling, and found this record in the archives of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill library.  I sent them an email to request images and audio files.  They provided them for a fee of $8.  I edited them a little, turning up the gain (volume) and processing them with declicker.  In the download folder you will find the files that were provided to me, as well as my edited versions.

I couldn't find much biographical information about Les Backer.  These tracks were recorded in Chicago on July 18th, 1928.  Les does his best Jimmie Rodgers impression on this disc.  The 5000 series of Vocalion focused on country, even though all the other recordings I have of Les Backer are fox trots and vocal ballads.

Vocalion 5235
Year:  1928
Label location:  Chicago, Il
Pressed by:  Brunswick

Les Backer's Yodeling Blues

Downhearted Yodel Blues

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Champion 15538

George A. Whiting

I couldn't find the lyrics to this song anywhere online, so I transcribed them.

Lyrics:  George A. Whiting
Music by:   Charlie Abbot & Rubey Cowan

Summer’s Coming, and my heart’s hummin’ a love song
And I’m wondering if you’re hummin’ one too.
It seems, when I was yessin’, you keep me guessin’
It’s all wrong and you hear the bluebirds callin’ to you
Each little star belongs to the sky
And each little tear belongs to a cry
Is It Gonna Be Long? (‘till you belong to me)

Now each little leaf belongs to a tree
And each honey sip belongs to a bee
Is It Gonna Be Long? (‘till you belong to me)

Birdie’s mate and then they build a nest
They know Best.  Birdie’s never do go wrong.
Everyone but you and me, seem to be, happy dear where they belong
Each drop of rain belongs to the dew
I’ve got a heart belonging to you
Is It Gonna Be Long? (‘till you belong to me)

All our troubles will fade like bubbles, away dear
When I take you and only make you my own
And dear then I’ll not worry, if you just hurry and say dear
That I’m yours and you’re mine alone

Each little yes belongs to a no
Each little heel belongs to a toe
Is It Gonna Be Long? (‘till you belong to me)

Each little eye belongs to a brow
Each little calf belong to a cow
Is It Gonna Be Long? (‘till you belong to me)

Birdie’s mate and they build a nest
They know Best.  Birdie’s never do go wrong.
Everyone but you and me, seem to be, happy dear where they belong
Each little trout belongs in a brook
Old mother goose belongs in a book
Is It Gonna Be Long? (‘till you belong to me)
Unknown who Chuck And Buddy Golden were.  Sound like Jones and Hare?
Irving Kaufman credited as Horace Winters on his Champion issues.

Kaufman also recorded this for Columbia with the Lou Gold Orchestra, which was issued on the Diva / Velvet Tone / Harmony labels, but the lyrics are truncated.  You can hear it here

Frankie Master's version on Victor

An instrumental version was issued on Columbia potato head label by Paul Whiteman:  Youtube

If anyone else has a version I haven't covered, please share in comments.  Thanks.

Champion 15538
Year: 1928
Label location:  Richmond, Indiana
Pressed by:  Gennett

Side A:
That's My Weakness Now
Side B:
Is It Gonna Be Long

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Rhythm Playboys

I've tried to get information about this record from the current members of the band, but they are busy touring and don't reply to emails.  Maybe they will at some point, and I'll update this point with whatever they can tell me.

Vocals: Norm Herman & Dee Maug


Rhythm Records 4-64
Year:  1964
Label location:  Wisconsin
Pressed by:  Kay Bank

Nobody Knows

Turn Around

Friday, March 1, 2019

Carroll Bateman And The Untouchables

Smigar was undoubtedly a combination of George Garrett's last name and another person's name (maybe Smith?)  I know of only one other discs issued on this label, which is an LP by Sherwin Linton & The Cotton Kings.

In the download folder are images of the LP cover, with linear notes.

Smigar Records
Year:  1966
Label location:  Mpls,MN
Pressed by: Kay Bank