Thursday, January 18, 2018

Paul & Archie (2nd post) - Golden Country Memories LP

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Slade 05179
Year:  1979
Label location:  Crookston, Mn
Pressed by: Nashville International

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jimmie Karlin

Mark M115
Year: 1958
Label location:  Utica, NY
Pressed by: ?

Have You Really Gone
Please Don't Walk Upon My Heart

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cenith Opkis

I couldn't find any info about any of the artists on these discs.

With the Sioux Valley Barn Dance Gang.  Was it an actual thing or just made up as a name for her backing group?

Kay Bank 1518
Year:  1960
Label location:  Minneapolis, Mn
Pressed by: Kay Bank


Heartbreak 620
Year: 1961
Label location:  ?
Pressed by: ?

deadwax etching:

      DW CODC1-45 Diskmakers

      DW CODC2-45 Diskmakers

with Bud Lane, Gene Cummings, steel guitar

guitar solo, Don Cummings

Citation in Billboard April 17th, 1961

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Maynard Britton

 This record was given to me by a record dealer.  I saw it sitting on top of a stack of his recent arrivals.  It had a crack that rendered it unplayable, so I asked if I could have it and he gave it to me.  I posted on the 78rpm facebook group, to see if anyone knew how to repair such a crack.  I got a reply from a guy named Don Wilson in Philadelphia, PA.  He has a side-business making reproductions of pre-war 78s.  I sent the disc to him, and he was able to heat it up with his lab equipment, allowing the shellac to be pushed back together.  He then applied a bonding agent and a bit of candle wax as filler.  I got the disc back and am so happy with the result.  Being able to play this disc is really something.  It has a new life.  So a big thanks to Don for all he has done.

The audio from this disc hasn't been issued on CD, as far as I know.  Maynard Britton made two records for Gennett, according to Tony Russel's book.

some pics of the repair:

In the heater

Setting the bond
Finished repair

Superior 2624
Year: 1931
Label location:  Richmond, Indiana
Pressed by:  Gennett

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Billy Bee

Thanks to Mike of Shakopee, Mn for letting me use his audio and scans for this one.

K-Son 7-7771
Year: 1957
Label location:
Pressed by:  RCA

Bopcycle Man

Antidote For Love

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Hank and Sonny - The Pell Brothers (2nd post)

The Aside is on youtube, but the bside isn't, so I'm posting the entire disc here.  All my audio.

Jay 200
Year: 1960
Label location: Sidney, Ohio
Pressed by:  Kay Bank 2164